Co-Founder / Partner counseling

A great idea, a laptop, the local coffee shop, and your good friend. What else could a start-up need? Well, lots as it turns out. Especially as a business grows.

You chose each other because your strengths, personalities, talents, and working styles complemented each other. But, overtime the same qualities you thought would bring you success are increasingly driving you nuts.

Relationship problems between co-founders and business partners are a big reason companies fail.

As a business expands so do the complexities. Money, equity, power, legal issues, staffing, investor management, and differing approaches to decision making add stress and pressure to a relationship that began with good friendship and a dream. Like a marriage, co-founders are bound together legally and financially. They have other people who depend on them. The tone for staff morale ,productivity , creativity, and  loyalty are optimized when the people in charge function as a strong and secure team.

Co-founders counseling helps strengthen the partnership. It employs effective methods from couples counseling theory to improve communication, integrate different management styles, and clarify decision-making and power-sharing.  It’s a reset to get partners on the same track they enthusiastically embarked on together once upon a time.

To get partners back on track we work on the same behaviors that make any great relationship tick:  attuned listening, the ability to understand and be understood, the finesse to enhance and support your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, and the shared value of bringing out the best in each other.